Philip Seaton


Brought up in Nth.London,
Philip now lives and works in Tokyo

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Pieces are listed in order of composition - most recent first.

The copyright licenses permit personal use of the PDF scores on digital displays, such a MusicSheets and forScore.



For piano, violin & cello      (5min)
Joya no Kane is a Japanese New Year Eve's tradtion.   In the last moment of December 31, temple bells ring out across the nation to signal the end of one year and the start of the next.
For more information on this piece, see Philip Seaton's music BLOG
To listen to a recording of Joya no Kane by the Silver Park Trio, click HERE

Download the PDF Scores
Piano      Violin      Cello


For String Quartet      (24min)
I. Moderato    II. Allego    III. Lento e mesto    IV. Allegro giocoso
Score to be published after the premier at the Chofu International Music Festival, 3 July 2021


For piano, violin & cello      (36 min)
Trio Concertante is a virtuoso work in three parts, each containing two sub-movements.
     I,   Adagio maestoso - Allegro moderato
    II.   Lento - Presto agitato
   III.   Andante - Coda
The third part contains a cadenza in the manner of a romantic violin concerto.

Download the PDF Scores
Piano Part I      Piano Parts II & III
Violin               Cello



For 3-part childrens chorus and piano    (2 min)
is a short piece commissioned by Hokkaido International School, Japan.

The music is a bit of light-hearted fun, but there’s a serious educational message, too

Download the PDF Score


For chamber choir & organ    (30 min)
A Christmas Carol
is a modern musical adaptation of the novella by Charles Dickens.
It uses the "lessons & carols" format of a traditional carol service - using adaptations of both the music and the words of well-known Christmas carols - to create a moving re-telling of the story of a modern-day Scrooge confronted with today's consequences of human's greed - war, social deprivation, environmental extinction.

Listen to A Christmas Carol, by Stanmore Choral Society on YouTube
A Christmas Carol - the full recording
    or just the following short extracts
The Ghost of Christmas Past - the consequences of war

The Ghost of Christmas Present - the consequences of social deprivation
The Ghost of Christmas Future - the consequences of environmental extinction

Download the PDF Score, or a copy of just the words
Choir (SATB) and organ
Programme notes and words only - designed to be printed double-sided on A4 paper to be folded into an A5 booklet.

ConcertoGrosso Long


For wind septet and strings.     (16min)

Download the PDF scores
Full score
Bassoon    Clarinet in Bb    Flute    Horn in F    Oboe    Trombone    Trumpet in Bb
Violin 1    Violin-2    Viola    Cello    Double Bass



For choir, organ and strings.    (10min)
The Greatest of Love is the words of I Corinthians 13 set to original music,

Download the PDF scores
Full score - Choir, organ and strings
Organ     Violin 1     Violin 2     Viola     Cello     Double Bass
Rehearsal score - Choir and piano


For chamber choir and string quartet.    (10min)
The Mill Suite was commissioned by the Mill Hill Music Festival and performed at the opening concert of the 2003 festival.
Poems, each featuring a mill, by Percy Shelley, Thomas Hardy, Richard Milnes, Samuel Woodworth and Samuel Rogers, set to original music.

Download the PDF Scores
Full score - Choir and quartet
Violin 1    Violin 2    Viola    Cello
Rehearsal score - Choir and piano
Programme notes and words only - designed to be printed double-sided on A4 paper to be folded into an A5 booklet.



For Choir, Orchestra and Baritone Solo   (37 min)

Download the PDF Scores
Full Score
Orchestra Set

Rehearsal score - Choir and piano
Full Score in 2 parts (for ease of printing)
Movements 1 & 2         Movements 3 & 4


For 2 violins & piano    (4 min)
An adaptation for solo violin & piano is also available
Rainy Day
was inspired by a washi (Japanese paper doll) given to the composer.   It evokes the emotions of a child who cannot play outside because of the rain .... until sunshine breaks through the clouds.

Listen to Rainy Day on YouTube

Download the PDF Scores
Piano      Violin 1       Violin 2
               Solo Violin


MemoriesOfJapan Long

For string quartet    (10 min)

Download the PDF Scores
Full score
Violin 1      Violin 2      Viola      Cello



For piano quintet    (32 min)
is a romantic style piano quintet
depicting the journey of a river from its source in the hills to the ocean.

Listen to excerpts from Reflections on YouTube

Download the PDF Scores
Piano      Violin 1      Violin 2
                Viola          Cello



For piano    (4 min)
Berceuse is a short, easy piece for early learners.

Download the PDF score


CD ChamberWorks


Reflections & Rainy Day,
along with the as-yet unpublished Bitter Suite,
have also been released on CD

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